Start by telling those who know the full story

That their father is only a ridiculous illusion and that their mother lives only in their imaginations

That their invocations do not stuff bellies

And that their rosaries do not absorb tears



Go and tell them that Love is the true Father

And that all these other “fathers” are liars, inveterate liars

Go and tell them that truth lives in their hearts, deep in their hearts

Tell them, scream it until it is etched into their memories



Hey You, who speaks to me about mercy and love

I see this blade hidden under your mask

Yes you, history has not yet forgotten the taste of chains and the whip

Yes you, with your humanitarian aid



I’m talking to you

Yes you, explaining to the world that I am nothing

That my children die of hunger

That without you I will not exist

That without you, I cannot dream

That without you, I do not walk

That without you, I do not think

That without you, I do not live



Yes it’s you I’m talking to

To you, hanging on my wallet

Nourished by my gold and diamond

Rolling on my wood and my oil

Dressed in my skin and my cotton



Yes you, history will answer you.



Traduction anglaise par Nelly Nchoh, Brice Marvin Kemajou, Fritzroy Austin Sterling

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